back in the saddle

I was out of town for two weeks and sick / working nonstop for another two upon my return, so I skipped a bunch of French conversation meetups. This Monday’s was the first one I went to in a month, but somehow, I found that the time away had solidified things instead of making me forgetful. Talking […]

i forgot to give this post a title

Remember how Jordan described her language exchange experience as akin to online dating? Well… I was cleaning out my email inbox, which is full of unread messages I’ve received from people who found me on, the site that connects people who want to learn the other’s language. I’ve been ignoring the message notifications for awhile now, since […]

playing hooky

Last night instead of going to my weekly French Meetup, I wore the dress I had bought while putting off last week’s session, and I attended the premiere of a Hollywood movie featuring a perfectly Hollywood version of France. There were more clichés in “The Hundred-Foot Journey” then you could shake a stick at. Three of the […]

well, at least I tried

As I was walking to the French Meetup this evening I realized I hadn’t gotten an email reminder about the event. I wondered if the weekly meeting was not actually happening this week. By the time I reached the hotel bar, I allowed myself to fervently pray this would be the case. When I peeked in and […]