the best of words (glass half full / no worst of words edition): ananas


Finally getting around to writing up the other two best words/worst words from the party I went to last month. I’m getting the easier one out of the way first – easier first of all because Nico never told me his most detested word, only his favorite one; and also easier because he was a little tipsy and the only explanation he gave was to repeat the word’s various syllables, sounds and rhymes. To wit: “Parce que ananas, banana, bananas, des anana, anan, nana, nanas, des nana.” I asked him if, apart from the sound, he liked the taste of the fruit and he brushed me off, “Le goût, je m’en fou.” To be clear, Nico does enjoy pineapples, but he chose his favorite word for the sound rather than the deliciousness.

Interesting, because Félix’s favorite Spanish word was maracuyá (passion fruit) and my favorite word – in any language – is pamplemousse (grapefruit.) To state the obvious: I sense a fruit theme here…

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