i could actually skip this weekend


I have an unpleasant experience ahead of me tonight and tomorrow morning and I would love it to just be Sunday already. I’m going to attempt to soldier through with transporting thoughts of tropical paradises, gluttonous feasts, and rent-stabilized penthouse apartments.

It was pointed out to me this week that when bad things happen I immediately throw up my hands and assume I can’t /won’t cope, when actually I have muddled through difficulties of similar scale quite capably for many years. So I guess that in addition to trying desperately to go to my happy place, I could also remind myself of my resilience whenever I find myself catastrophizing about what I have to go through this weekend.

May the next 24 hours go very, very quickly. And here’s to Sunday!… when I will be over the hump, a Father’s Day picnic is to be had, and a World Cup game full of delightfully well-formed Argentines is to be watched.

(Photo: Antoine Hubert)

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