starting the weekend with a grumble

la duree macarons

Today was Macaron Day 2015, apparently a grand Parisian tradition brought stateside by an NYC-based French chef. I would have written this post earlier to encourage you all to go out and get yourself your right and due of a free macaroon. But… I stopped by the Macaron Cafe for mine around 2:45pm and they told me they were “sold out” of all their free macaroons. Which is 1. an oxymoron and 2. annoying when all you see in front of you is a sea of macaroons every color of the rainbow. Even though I really, really wanted one, I refused to fall for what now seemed like a cheap marketing ploy aimed at suckers, walked out in a huff, and have been regretting my stubbornness ever since. I was counting on a macaroon today. (I actually sighed while writing that.)

Instead I am going into the weekend with my still-lingering cold and a plan to play bingo with old people in Park Slope (and friends my own age!). Before I head out the door for that Friday night delight, which I know you will never believe is more joyous than even the most delicious macaroon, but which I assure you nevertheless it is indeed, I leave you with some weekend reads from around the Web:

He spoke only French. She spoke only English. Google to the rescue. (An adorable love story.)

That $15 transatlantic fare was indeed too good to be true.

Is France ready to stop being so uptight about protecting the language?

Museums get multicultural and multilingual

Ten ways learning French would be much easier

Eight European towns to put on your wanderlust wish-list

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “starting the weekend with a grumble

  1. I am sad you could not treat yourself with a macaron! I know it is not the same, but here is an easy macaron recipe so you can give it a try at home and have macarons everyday if you wish YOUPI 😉
    Actually, I have to confess Macaron is not my favorite French cake… but I like it because it is very iconic from Paris and I have a necklace featuring a little plate with 2 colourful macarons on it (I bought it as a reminder of France when I am homesick or missing food lol)!
    My favorite French cakes are: tarte tatin (with cream), tarte au citron, eclair au cafe, tarte aux pommes, chausson aux pommes, brioche aux pralines… ❤

    • a very belated thank you for the macaron recipe! i agree with you that tarte tatin (tartes of any kind) are tastier, but macarons are so pretty that i buy them more to fawn over them than to actually eat them.

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