Good evening! I write to you from my desk at work, where I am stuck in export hell. Six hours and counting to get five extremely short videos out the door and start my three-day weekend. I had a choice to stare at the Adobe Premiere countdown clock as it rose and fell and froze and rose and fell and froze for fifty-seven minutes at a time, or to write a few words here so as not to renege on my promise to myself to not disappear off the face of the blogging (and real) world.

I chose the latter, but I’m so exhausted that the words in question are not coming out very readily. Good thing it’s Friday when all I do is used to do was post links anyway.

So without further ado, two months’ worth of probably-by-now-obsolete digital clippings:

Decoding the rules of conversation.

Remember that fight over the white & gold / black & blue dress? How your language affects color perception.

The French answer to Eataly, open now.

Top 10 untranslatable French words. (The ninth is my favorite.)

These taste as good as they look. (I know because the day after I read about them I went to try them.)

Tricks and tips for planning your summer vacation.

How to best play the credit card airline miles game.

An American in Paris finds Paris in America.

There’s a dedicated raclette restaurant in New York! 

3 research-based ways to speed up your language learning.

An official see-your-own-city campaign in NYC (I’ve been on an unofficial one for years).

And now my exports are finally done and I can be on my merry way to a long weekend of doing a whole lot of nothing. Enjoy yours!

[Photo: Tim Pierce]

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