le week-end is here


… and I’m going to spend it doing, well, not much. On Saturday I may go for a run and on Sunday I’m going to sit on a boat during magic hour and eat lobster. Or maybe just watch other people eat lobster. I may also inspire myself to do some laundry. Maybe I’ll work on my little video project. Maybe, maybe not.

I hope your weekends are more ambitious than mine, if that’s what you’re going for. Me, I’m looking forward to letting myself off the hook for a couple of days. (That’s such a lie. I have been lazy all week.)

On that note, I leave you with some links that as always, I meant to post sooner, but that regardless, remain fresh and delightful and ripe for the viewing:

Watch two men arrange to meet at a cafe – through a Turkish whistle language (!!!)

American behaviors considered rude in other countries

Foreign language apps for traveling abroad

How to vacation like it’s 1999

Vacation planning tips and tricks 

I like these Parisian photos for voyeurs

Of course the hitchhiking robot met his demise in America

The full movie version of Antoine in America

Have a good weekend!

[Photo: Joe Penniston]

Comments welcome!

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