May the horse be with you


Notice something unusual about this motorcycle? Well, it’s not so unusual in Dakar.  I’ve seen a million taxis and motorcycles with manes tied to their bumpers. Superstition? A nod to tradition? Qui sait? Well, I’m sure Google does, but unfortunately I’ve earmarked what meager Internet time I have for more important tasks. Could someone else figure it out and get back to me? Thanks!

5 thoughts on “May the horse be with you

  1. OK, this may be a stretch, but… I just read “Things Fall Apart” for the first time (amazing, btw — read it if you haven’t). It’s set in Nigeria, so, different country. But at one point the Ibo people refer to the white man’s bicycle as the “iron horse.” ???

  2. Loving your blog posts!

    What you’ve seen dangling off bumpers and bikes are fetishes used for spiritual protection. Considering the way people drive in Dakar… 😉

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