I’m ba-ack

balconyviewI got back to Dakar at 1am Monday morning, after nearly a month away (excluding the less than 24 hours I spent here between my vacation and my out of town shoot). I was SO GLAD to be back. I wouldn’t say that returning to Dakar felt like returning home, but it did feel like returning to a home base with good food, a good mattress, clean sheets, running water, electricity, pleasant weather, basic infrastructure… All things that had been lacking in whole or in part over the past couple of weeks. 

I’ve been on quite an adventure or two or three since I last posted anything here, but it’s going to be another few weeks before I have the time to write anything about them because I’m now working around the clock to meet a nearly impossible deadline. I have until June 7 to edit all the material I shot in the field into two videos, one of them on the rather long side. 

So I’ll see you in June, with pictures from three fascinating, beautiful, and almost diametrically opposed countries. 

(The photo is the view from my bedroom’s balcony. I like standing out there and watching the taxis go by, and I remembered this week that I also loved doing that from the window of our apartment in London when I was five. The more things change…)

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