Leave it to a French fashion magazine…


…to explain English slang to me. I was never sure if bae meant boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or something else entirely. Now I know.

Next, who can tell me what chanmé or grave means? (In slang, that is.)


shit for your hands.JPG

Only the French would appropriate English with such ass-backwards (pun intended) aplomb. Whereas Asian appropriation of English is usually bizarre and thus adorable, the French specimen above mildly annoys me. It seems to indicate a total disregard, chez les français, for the actual meaning of non-French words. It did not occur or does not matter to the cosmetics company, nor to the magazine that so breezily embraces their product, that no one in their right mind wants to think about rubbing their hands with shit. Even jasmine-fig scented shit. It does not matter, perhaps, because in the French consciousness ‘shit’ does not mean ‘shit’ but rather ‘cool and somewhat edgy English word that becomes even hipper when plopped into a French sentence.’

Perhaps I am reading too much into this… And the company could be American for all I know. I’ve been sitting in the Casablanca airport for nine hours waiting for my connecting flight and I’m a little stir-crazy.

I could have used that time to post my Benin pix but I was too tired after a week-long shoot in Mauritania (pictures of which I will post after I get back from the second, third and fourth leg of the trip).

Onward!… In four more hours. Ughhhhhh.

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