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The blog has been neglected as I rush around town trying to get all my research, purchases, meetings, and other assorted to-dos done. But I wanted to share some interesting reads before they become outdated:

“We all create our own personal geography to help explain who we are, where we’ve come from and why. What happens when those coordinates come unmoored?”

The Frenchrification of Brooklyn

This little red book confronts sexism in the Chinese language

The East Village banya, back on my bucket list after this article

Can travel be authentic anymore?

If you’ve visited 100 countries, you can join this club.

Beautiful images and food for thought from four years photographing Congo 

How responses to your language learning efforts will vary

NYC is losing diners (one of many reasons I no longer recognize this city as my own)

The generosity in Senegalese stew


[Photo: Mo Riza]


Virunga movie poster

This past Thursday I went to see the Virunga premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival with a couple of work friends. The documentary follows park rangers in the eponymous Congolese national park as they work to protect endangered mountain gorillas and other wildlife from poachers and encroachment by oil development interests. It’s a super powerful film (and super adorable thanks to the special bond between one of the rangers, Andre, and the orphaned gorillas he cares for). Continue reading