(get over the) hump-day inspiration

keep calm and keep on keepin on

This is what it all comes down to, as I sit here too on-edge to go to sleep and too tired to force myself to. My rent is nearly doubling and I need to move within a couple of months, which puts a huge dent in my plans to save all my money and get the hell out of this city. Since I found out a few weeks ago, I’ve been really good about looking into all my options and staying on top of the apartment search, but the search itself is so anxiety-provoking that the more I do, the more stressed I become.

I suppose this could be part of the reason why it’s so hard to keep up with my language learning. Bigger fish to fry at the moment. The only thing to do is just breathe deep and carry on. The chips will eventually fall where they may, and life will go back to normal.

[Breathing break…….]

Encore, en français:

french keep calm and carry on

On y va!


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