Goya, Oh Boya

Goya flan

I did my Spanish homework last night while eating packaged flan and drinking herbal tea. I felt very much like I was channeling Abuelita Rosa. I imagine her as a bit pudgy from all the dulces she eats (alfajores are her favorite).

Don’t you just love how Goya’s packaging has remained unchanged for decades? I highly support that.

In fact the mid century design is 50% of why I bought the flan in the first place. The other 50% was that ever since I packed three creme brûlées and two creme caramels into a one week trip to France, I can’t shake my craving for custard. eating Goya flan

It was nothing like Paris, but good enough for Brooklyn.Goya flan all gone

Como azúcar como es mi trabajo.

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