A quick visit to the Alps


I had been hankering for raclette ever since missing my chance to try it in France, so last Thursday I went to eat it in New York. Philippe found me a quirky little place that serves fondue and raclette – but only on winter nights they deem sufficiently cold – out of a dimly lit, speakeasy-like back room. Getting to it felt almost like going through the wardrobe into Narnia.

We walked to the end of the bustling front restaurant…

front restaurant

…then through a heavy metal door into a hushed kitchen…

through the kitchen

then down the long kitchen hallway, until we reached another heavy metal door, through which we emerged into a tiny back room decorated like a retro Swiss ski lodge. I tried to take photos but it was way too dark and way too cramped and this is the best I could do.

the lodge

There were only two tables in the place: one extra long picnic table at which a Swiss boarding school was having a reunion, and one tiny table that sat three people – us. The presence of Americans schooled in the Alps added to a very fun feeling of pseudo-authenticity.

swiss reunion

I was disappointed that the raclette was served already-assembled instead of in pieces for us to make at the table, and I was sad that it was quite nippy inside instead of warm and toasty as I had imagined a place called the Après Ski Chalet would be. But other than that it was a delightful evening of extremely delicious food with great friends who unfortunately I can not show you because their faces are pitch-dark in all of my pictures.

Highly recommended if you’re in New York – just bring a sweater or two!

3 thoughts on “A quick visit to the Alps

    • tu ne m’as pas parle de cette evenement avant, non? c’est un peu cher pour moi, sauf peut etre en brooklyn. peut etre je devrais acheter un appareil pour faire de raclette au lieu. 🙂

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