the horror!

kiss me! by Michela Castiglione

A new study apparently claims that more than half of all cultures opt out of romantic kissing. Whaaaat? Though I’m often attracted to the foreign, this I can’t accept. Thank heavens I come from a land where swapping saliva is wholeheartedly embraced.

Here are some other interesting tidbits I’ve picked up in my recent Web wanderings. My fondest wish for you this weekend is that you read them while resting your chapped lips between glorious sustained makeout sessions:

This couple is really into foreignness, too, but of the temporal rather than geographical variety. 

The art of farecasting the lowest airfare. 

This has been around for awhile but I only discovered it this week: try scrolling down on Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” button until you reach “I’m feeling wonderful.” (Or if you’re feeling both lazy and wonderful, just click here.)

Why it’s important to learn a language out in the real world. 

[Photo: Michela Castiglione]

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