2 thoughts on “not my best work

  1. No te preoccupes, sera mejor la próxima vez! I am studying Spanish too and I really enjoy it ❤ I assume your French skills must help you to learn this language… there are so many words that are nearly the same (sometimes you just add an "a" or an "o" at the end to get the spanish version – well I wish it was always THAT easy haha). Actually I am considering posting some of my assignments in Spanish on my blog too… maybe you will enjoy reading them since my texts are essays about my trips! I have checked your quizz and you should not feel bad about it because it does not seem like big mistakes… you said she had black eyes instead of dark eyes (well…it is not a big deal) and regarding the second part, I will have probably done the same… use "tiene" instead of "lleva"… if you think about it that is not totally wrong… depends on the context, tiene Vs lleva…he has grey trousers in his suitcase Vs he is wearing a grey trousers! So grammatically your Spanish correct which I think is the most important (and the hardest part to master in a foreign language) see POSITIVE! you are doing well! Mejor que ser la estrella con tu amigos espanoles que la estrella de la classe, buena suerte 😉

  2. The great thing about getting the language out of the classroom is that mistakes happen, make people laugh, and can be corrected. If you get the gist out in normal life, you’re fine.

    I like quizzes because they put pressure on you to remember a lot of stuff on the spot. But remembering “nice to meet you” when you just shook someone’s hand *really* helps you remember.

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